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The penalties for a weapons or gun charge in Lake County, IL can be severe, especially for illegal firearm possession and use in Waukegan / Lake County, Illinois. The state has one of the strictest positions towards weapons in the nation. A weapon does not have to be a gun. Weapons can include firearms, ammunition, explosives, dart guns, stun guns, knives, knuckles and swords.

Gun Possession Lawyers in Lake County, Illinois

The severity of Illinois' laws can catch a person off guard who owns a weapon or gun in Lake County, IL, especially those who have out-of-state permits. In Illinois, these permits are not valid, and a permit holder can find themselves facing strict charges for illegal weapon possession in Lake County. Some people may even face charges for simply being in the same vicinity of an illegal weapon, even if it belongs to someone else. Illinois provides for different penalties and punishments depending on the particular facts of the weapons offense in Lake County, IL. Many of the provisions call for certain minimum mandatory prison sentences. Some of the most common weapons charges in Lake County, Illinois include:

  1. Felony Criminal Possession of a Weapon / Gun Charge in Lake County, IL
  2. Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Weapon or Gun Charge in Lake County, IL
  3. Criminal Sale of a Firearm / Gun Charge in Lake County, IL
  4. Criminal Use of a Firearm / Gun Charges in Lake County, IL
  5. Unlawful Possession of Weapons / Guns Charge in Lake County, IL
  6. Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon / Gun Charges in Lake County, IL

Defense against a Gun or Weapons Charge in Illinois

In certain cases, a criminal defense gun or weapons attorney in Lake County, IL can contest the charges against you by filing motions to dismiss, motions to exclude or motions to suppress physical evidence or statements. Defenses to criminal charges for possession of a weapon, gun or firearm often revolve around the following issues:

  1. Arrested constructively or actually possessed the weapon
  2. Firearm, gun or knife was operable
  3. Firearm or gun was loaded
  4. Law enforcement officer in Lake County, Illinois conducted an illegal stop, detention or seizure
  5. Law enforcement officer in Waukegan or Lake County obtained incriminating statements in violation of your Miranda rights
  6. Item seized actually meets Lake County, Illinois' definition of a weapon or firearm.

Waukegan Attorney for Gun / Firearm / Weapons Charges in Illinois

Any person charged with the criminal possession of a weapon in Lake County, Illinois would benefit from the services of an experienced criminal gun defense attorney in Waukegan, IL. If you were arrested for any weapon, gun or firearm charge in Waukegan, or the Lake County, IL area, contact criminal defense attorney Jason R. Mercure to discuss your weapon charge defense. The Law Office of Jason R. Mercure represents those charged with criminal possession of a weapon in Lake County, Illlinois and surrounding areas.

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