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A stalking charge in Lake County consists of threatening or harassing another to point where that individual fears for his safety. Stalking is commonly associated with celebrities but often occurs in domestic violence charges in Lake County, Illinois as well. If you have a stalking charge against you in Lake County, it is important that you immediately contact a Lake County Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights.

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In Lake County, it is not unusual to read about yet another celebrity being stalked by a crazed fan. Stalking can be quite intimidating to a person and often does instill great fear. Stalking in a domestic violence charge in Lake County, Illinois can quickly turn into a violent act of injury or murder. Harassment might be accomplished through stalking in person or by cyber stalking. Lake County Illinois Courts deal with domestic violence charges differently than other charges.

The penalties imposed would depend on the seriousness of the crime such as if the accused had prior stalking charges against the same or a different person. If a new stalking charge were in violation of a prior court order or violation of a restraining order, the penalties would increase.

A misdemeanor charge may result in jail time and fine. Often defendants ordered by a judge to probation and a counseling program. Based on the circumstances, a prosecutor could possibly decide that the stalking situation was serious enough to charge the defendant with a felony.

Stalking in Lake County, IL is a serious crime. Sometimes a stalking charge is erroneously based on revenge and false accusations. It is vital that you obtain legal advice from an experienced Lake County Criminal Defense Lawyer who can fight for your rights and ensure that you receive fair and just treatment with the ultimate goal of the best possible outcome for you.

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