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Since divorce, paternity, and other Lake County, IL family law cases can take months to get through the Lake County Illinois courts, there is a need to establish ground rules in the early stages of the Lake County divorce process. Typically, temporary orders involve which party can live in the marital home, who drives each of the different automobiles, how specific property is disbursed during the pendency of the action, and each spouse's rights and responsibilities relating to the parties' marital assets and debts.

The Lake County Illinois court also makes temporary orders relating to children – custody orders, parenting plans, and child support. Whoever files a divorce action in Lake County first, will get the first opportunity to speak with the judge and get his or her motions for temporary orders in Lake County allowed or denied. This doesn't mean that the opposing party will have to permanently live with these orders, but going back into court to change them can be expensive and time-consuming.

The first Lake County, Illinois court appearance in the case is very critical because it sets the placement and rhythm of the case. Subsequent judicial decisions are made after looking at the first order. These temporary orders issued in Lake County lock matters into place as judges know that by the time litigants get to trial, they will have hopefully adjusted to the temporary orders.

Especially in custody-related matters, temporary orders in Lake County, IL are established to keep children stabilized during the proceedings and this effort is to preserve the status quo. Judges tend to keep children intact with few changes in their lives because the family is already going through major adjustments. Maintaining a stable environment for the children is what a judge in the Lake County, Illinois Courthouse hopes to accomplish early-on in a case. If children can sleep in their own beds, reside in the same home, go to the same school, play with the same friends, and receive support from familiar teachers, they will likely cope better during this time of change.

Divorce Court in Lake County Illinois | Planning ahead

We understand how the judges in The Lake County Illinois Courthouse address temporary motion hearings. While our first hope is to work with the parties to resolve their differences without judicial intervention, we always prepare each case as if we'll be going into court on temporary motions in Lake County, and that the case is headed all the way to trial. Even in those cases where we believe the parties won't go so far, we still prepare to go all the way because when cases are litigated vigorously – all the way up to when the clerk calls the case to the bench – the parties are more willing to be reasonable with each other.

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