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Traffic tickets in Lake County, IL, such as speeding, can have serious consequences ranging from higher auto insurance rates to having your driver's license suspended or revoked. At The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we understand how the vehicle and traffic laws work in Waukegan, IL and throughout Lake County, Illinois, and how the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) functions.

Paying Speeding Ticket Fines in Lake County, IL | Waukegan Speeding Ticket Attorney

Even for speeding tickets in Lake County, IL, pleading guilty to your ticket, which usually means paying the fine, will most likely cause your insurance rates to rise. You will also incur points on your Illinois driver's license, placing your driving privileges at risk. For instance, three speeding tickets in Lake County, IL within an 18 month period could cause your license in Illinois to be revoked. We are skilled plea negotiators and trial advocates. Our goal is to obtain a reduction of the traffic violation charge in Lake County, Illinois to something that will have a less serious impact on your Illinois driver's license and insurance costs. If you have past violations in Lake County, that have not been resolved, we can even help you clear those speeding or traffic tickets in an effort to avoid damage to your Lake County, IL driver's license.

Out of State Speeding Tickets in Illinois

If you are a licensed Illinois driver, failure to answer a ticket or fine in another state will result in your license being suspended until the issue is resolved. Also, if you promptly answer the ticket, the incident will not appear on your driving record in Illinois. There are exceptions, however. If your ticket is for an alcohol or drug related offense in Lake County, IL, the state will be notified and you will have to pay the consequences, if convicted, which could include the loss of your driving privileges in Illinois for 90 days or worse.

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