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Sexual battery in Lake County, IL is considered the forceful and willful touching of someone sexually without their consent. This can involve sexual assault, rape, unwanted sexual contact, sexual advances towards minors in the household, not allowing a sexual partner to decline a sexual act or using sex as punishment. These are all serious charges that carry severe penalties if convicted. If facing a sexual battery offense in Waukegan or Lake County, Illinois, contact a Lake County Domestic Violence Lawyer who can assist you with taking the necessary legal actions to fight your charges.

Illinois law takes sexual battery on a spouse or partner very seriously and aggressively pursues convictions. Even though there may have been consenting sexual contact previously, if a spouse accuses you of battery, law enforcement will investigate. Sometimes these charges are made in the heat of the moment, after a fight or disagreement, however even if your partner recants their allegations, law enforcement will continue to pursue a conviction unless no evidence can be obtained to show the crime was committed.

Lake County Sexual Battery Defense Attorney

A conviction of Sexuall Battery or Domestic Violence in Lake County could leave you in a county jail or even state prison, depending on the nature of the offense and the charges filed. In addition, harsh fines, community service, mandatory anger management counseling and a restraining order could be issued. With a serious enough offense, such as rape, there is also the likelihood of having to register as a sex offender in Illinois and national data bases. This could seriously impact your life, showing you to be a sexual predator that will preclude you from being able to obtain employment and housing in the future. Let The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure fight for your rights and present a strong criminal defense in Lake County, IL on your behalf. The prosecution must prove their case and provide evidence that will hold up in the Lake County Illinois court. With the extensive experience the firm has in domestic violence charges in Lake County, you can rest assured your case will be professionally represented.

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