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If you have been charged with a sex or sexual assault (Rape, Statutory Rape, Date Rape, Child Pornography, Internet related), crime in Lake County, Illinois, you are in for the battle of a lifetime. Prosecutors are relentless in pursuit of justice for victims of a sex crime in Waukegan and Lake County and consider these crimes to be particularly heinous.

In some cases, people who have killed a victim in a drunk driving accident or even committed an intentional murder receive less prison time than a convicted sex offender in Lake County, Illinois. As a result of mandatory sex offender registration and mandatory jail sentences for many sex crimes, the stakes are critically high for anyone charged with a sex crime in Lake County, Illinois and surrounding areas. To protect your rights, you will need a Lake County IL Criminal Defense attorney who is ready to work diligently on your behalf, is not intimidated by the prosecution, and is willing to stand up for your rights. The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, located in Waukegan, IL is a Sex Crime Law Firm in Lake County, IL, that will aggressively defend the rights of people charged with serious sex crimes. We handle all Lake County, Illinois sex crime charges, including:

  1. Rape or Sexual Assault Charges in Lake County, IL
  2. Sexual Misconduct Charges in Lake County, IL
  3. Forcible Touching Charges in Lake County, Illinois
  4. Statutory rape (sex with a minor) Charges in Lake County, IL
  5. Internet solicitation of a minor in Lake County, IL
  6. Date rape Charges in Lake County, IL
  7. Prostitution Charges in Lake County
  8. Obscenity Charges in Lake County, Illinois
  9. Child pornography Charges (possession and distribution) in Lake County, IL
  10. And other Internet-related sex crimes such as sexting or online solicitation in Lake County, IL

Lake County, Illinois Attorney, Jason R. Mercure spent years as a prosecutor, including those that specialized in the prosecution of sex crimes, prior to becoming a Lake County, IL Criminal Defense Lawyer. As a former prosecutor, attorney Mercure understands how a prosecutor must build a case and present a case before a jury.

Mr. Mercure uses his knowledge of the Lake County Illinois Court System to provide clients with an aggressive and strategic criminal defense. If retained to handle your case, Mr. Mercure will leave no stone unturned in his effort to obtain the best possible result for you.

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Whether you are looking for a Sexual Assault Attorney in Waukegan / Lake County, IL or representation including: Rape Charges, Statutory Rape, Date Rape, Child Pornography, Prositution or Internet Sex Crime Charges in Lake County, have found your advocate...Waukegan Lake County Sex Crime Defense Lawyer, Jason R. Mercure.

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