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Temporary Restraing Order Attorney in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois

We understand when a restraining order in Lake County, IL is necessary to protect you or your children or when it will cause unnecessary separation. Whether you are considering or battling a temporary or permanent restraining order in Lake County, Illinois, call us today. We will discuss your options with you immediately and help you move forward.

Emergency and Temporary Restraining Orders in Waukegan Illinois

Temporary restraining orders in Lake County, IL can be put in place to protect both parties from each other prior to a restraining order hearing at the Lake County Illinois Courthouse. These orders can include a temporary change in child custody or visitation. Similar restraining orders in Lake County can be used to prohibit one spouse from negatively affecting another spouse's business during the divorce, such as preventing a spouse from misusing clients, partners or financial assets.

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders in Lake County, IL

An automatic temporary restraining order in Waukegan / Lake County, IL (ATRO) is an order on the back of the divorce petition that attaches to the divorce proceedings. It generally applies to both spouses and takes effect when the divorce petition in Lake County, Illinois is served. This kind of restraining order prevents either party from moving children out of state, changing insurance beneficiaries or hiding or liquidating marital assets.

Defense of Persons Accused of Domestic Violence in Lake County, IL

In divorce and child custody disputes, one party may use a false accusation of domestic violence in Lake County, Illinois in order to gain an advantage. The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure also defends the rights of persons issued a restraining order in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois, accused of domestic violence or charged with domestic battery in Lake County and surrounding areas.

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