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If you have been arrested for DUI in Lake County, IL and already have a conviction on your record, your rights and freedoms are in jeopardy. To protect your rights and avoid the harshest consequences of a repeat DUI offense in Lake County, Illinois, it is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Third Time DUI Offense Penalty - Waukegan, IL and Lake County Illinois

  1. Class 4 felony
  2. 6 year loss of driving privileges in Lake County, IL
  3. Imprisonment possible for up to 3 years
  4. Fines up to a $10,000 maximum
  5. Mandatory Alcohol Evaluation and Treatment in Lake County, IL

Aggresive DUI Defense for Repeat Offenders in Waukegan and Lake County, IL

At The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we have handled hundreds of DUI cases in Lake County, Illinois and surrounding areas. We know how to attack the prosecution's case and, if appropriate, we will request a dismissal of the charges or the suppression of the evidence on procedural or constitutional grounds. We will also try to negotiate lesser charges or alternative sentences in order to take harsh jail terms off the table. You can rely on us to guide you through the entire length of your case, unlike attorneys who charge less for their services and simply push their clients into pleading guilty for a quick resolution. Contact aggressive Lake County, IL DUI attorney, Jason R. Mercure Today.

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