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A Lake County, Illinois DUI is a serious criminal offense and carries some serious consequences. A DUI arrest in Lake County, Illinois will trigger 2 separate actions against you, a criminal case with possible jail, fines, alcohol education classes not to mention mandatory drivers license suspensions in Lake County. In addition to the criminal case the DMV will also impose administrative actions. A person found operating a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08% or greater is subject to an automatic drivers license suspension in Lake County, IL.

When you get a DUI in Lake County, the Illinois DMV will automatically institute what's called a “statutory summary suspension” against your driving privileges. A statutory summary suspension in Illinois means that your driving privileges will be suspended for a period of time and then automatically re-instated.

First time DUI offenders in Lake County, Illinois may apply to the courts for what’s known as a Judicial Driving Permit (JDP) which can allow the person to actually drive during the suspension under certain conditions. Contact a Lake County IL DUI Attorney today.

Waukegan and Lake County Illinois DUI First Time Offender Penalty

  1. 1 year loss of drivers license in Lake County, IL
  2. 1 year imprisonment possible
  3. Maximum fines of $2,500
  4. DUI Victim Impact panel required in Lake County, IL

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