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Charged with Criminal Threats in Lake County, Illinois - Waukegan Domestic Violence

If you have a charge against you for criminal threats in Lake County, IL, it is vital that you immediately contact a Lake County Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer, Jason R. Mercure, who can advise you of your legal rights. We have the knowlege and criminal defense attorney experience in Lake County that can help defend you against a charge of criminal threats in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois.

Criminal Threat Defense Lawyer in Lake County

A criminal threat in Lake County would be if one were to make a definite threat of harm to another and which, in turn, does cause another to be afraid. The threat would be a definite threat to kill or cause great bodily injury. The threat could be in writing, verbally or electronically (email or text). It would contain a definite intention that the recipient receives the threat, has knowledge that it is a treat and causes fear. The threat would cause a person to be fearful of his safety, including the safety of his relations.

This is often an issue in domestic violence charges in Lake County. One spouse, usually the husband, threatens the wife into a state of fear. She then feels she cannot do anything about her marital situation because she fears for her life or the safety of her family.

Criminal threats in Lake County are a serious crime and can, if convicted, result in a prison sentence. A criminal threats charge is extremely serious and demands that you seek immediate legal advice. You need an Lake County Illinois Domestic Violence Attorney who knows criminal defense laws and can vigorously fight for you and your rights.

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