Domestic Violence Infliction of Injury Charges in Lake County, IL

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When charged with domestic violence in Lake County, IL due to infliction of injury upon a spouse, child or a partner in the home, you may be arrested and charged with a serious crime. Often domestic violence cases in Waukegan and Lake County get out of hand when spouses are getting divorced or splitting up, resulting in angry confrontations that could lead to injury that was unintentional.

Lake County Domestic Violence Lawyers

A Lake County Domestic Violence Lawyer can review your case to determine what legal options would best benefit you in defending your rights. The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, have been helping residents of the Lake County, Illinois area for many years and is very familiar with the Lake County Illinois Courthouse and local law enforcement policies when it comes to domestic violence disputes. There are many opportunities to establish a defense for an infliction of injury charge. There are always two sides to every story. Many questions arise as to how exactly the injury came about, such as:

  1. Was your spouse or partner jealous and making false accusations?
  2. Was the alleged injury reported to use as leverage in a child custody case?
  3. Were you acting in self defense?
  4. Did a fight follow that resulted in unintentional injuries?
  5. Was the injury as a result of an act that occurred in the heat of passion?
  6. Were you protecting your children or pets from harm?
  7. Does your accuser have any history of mental problems?
  8. Were you in fear for your own safety?

Consult with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Lake County, Illinois. The firm's goal is to develop a strong and effective defense on your behalf that creates a level of doubt as to what exactly did occur during the incident. Obtaining a qualified and dedicated legal counsel in Lake County as soon as possible after your arrest is important to how your case will ultimately turn out.

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If you have been charged with any domestic violent crimes in Lake County, it is important that you contact an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney. The Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure are ready to assist you in these matters. We can help you put forth a solid defense aimed at clearing you of the charges or minimizing your exposure to harsh penalties and jail time.

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