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Waukegan, Illinois Domestic Violence Lawyers - Jason R. Mercure

Jason R. Mercure is an experienced Waukegan, IL domestic violence attorney who handles domestic violence and spousal abuse criminal charges in Lake County, Illinois and surrounding areas. If you or someone you know has been charged or is being investigated for a domestic violence crime in Lake County, IL, the accused needs to exercise his right to remain silent and hire a qualified domestic violence attorney in Lake County to represent him throughout the adversarial proceedings. He can also provide much-needed counsel in the face of order of protection, a restraining order or allegations of a violation of a order of protection.

A long time ago, battered spouses and children had little to no recourse to take in the presence of domestic violence in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois. Through the years, however, and particularly in modern times, domestic violence cases in Lake County are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials, politicians and lawmakers throughout the state of Illinois. Police Departments arrest almost any reported incident of aggression toward a loved one. Regardless of the fact that there may be no injuries or the victim recants the story, the Lake County, Illinois Prosecutors office aggressively prosecute reported acts of violence. The penalties for domestic violence in Lake County, IL may include jail time, anger management, batterer's treatment counseling programs, fines and penalties.

With Domestic violence charges in Lake County, the prosecuting attorneys have the discretion to file the case as a misdemeanor or felony. The usual course of filing depends upon the seriousness of the injuries and the criminal history of the accused. Severe injuries such as broken bones or severe cuts will almost always be filed as a felony. Cases involving no injuries or slight injury resulting from pushing and shoving will generally be filed as a misdemeanor. If the accused also has a criminal history involving domestic violence on multiple persons, this may also be a deciding factor in filing the case as a felony. A thorough defense investigation of the facts at all stages of the criminal proceedings is crucial to mitigate the charges, advocate for a dismissal and/or prepare for trial.

Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges in Lake County, Illinois

There are a number of factors that contribute to the serious nature of domestic violence charges in Lake County, IL, making it all the more important to involve an experienced domestic violence attorney as early in the process as possible. Only with a competent Lake County Domestic Violence Lawyer to defend your constitutional rights will you have the chance to be treated fairly in these proceedings. Zealous prosecutors and law enforcement personnel are waiting eagerly to put you behind bars; your attorney may be the only person standing between you and a jail cell. Domestic violence is the act of physical violence, threat or abuse against a spouse, domestic partner, former spouse or significant other, or current boyfriend or girlfriend.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Lake County

At the Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we are ready to take on any criminal domestic violence case, including those relating to battery, child endangerment, criminal threats, domestic violence & children, infliction of injury, intimidating a partner, physical child abuse, threats, battery, sexual battery, sexual child abuse, spousal abuse, stalking and all other types of abuse. To find out more about the services that our firm offers and how we can help you challenge the charges you are facing, please contact Jason R. Mercure, Lake County domestic violence defense attorney. We look forward to hearing from you, reviewing your case and constructing an effective argument on your behalf. If you have been arrested for domestic violence or a related offense such as spousal abuse, battery, assault, criminal threats, or threatening phone calls, you need to call an experienced attorney with the law firm of Jason R. Mercure to defend you

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If you are either under criminal investigation in Lake County, suspicion or charged with any domestic violent crimes in Lake County, it is important that you contact an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney. The Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure are ready to assist you in these matters. We can help you put forth a solid defense aimed at clearing you of the charges or minimizing your exposure to harsh penalties and jail time.

Remember...We offer FREE consultations, during which we will talk with you about your legal situation and how Illinois law may apply. During this consultation, you can ask your questions and trust that you will receive thorough answers based on in-depth legal knowledge. Contact us today at 847.336.4440




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