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Battery charges in Lake County, Illinois against a domestic family member carry serious penalties if convicted. Illinois penal code defines a battery charge as a willful use of force or violence against another person. This can include any amount of force, whether slight or severe. Lake County Illinois Courts will impose an even harsher sentence for battery when it involves domestic violence in Waukegan or Lake County. Charged as a misdemeanor, the Illinois domestic violence laws are so extreme that even minor touching of a spouse can be considered battery. With this in mind, consulting with a Lake County domestic violence attorney is vital to when hoping to prevent a conviction.

There are legitimate defenses an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Lake County from The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, can provide for you. Claiming self defense, intoxication, lack of any physical evidence can all be used to exonerate you and pursue a dismissal in the Lake County Illinois Courthouse.

Lake County Domestic Battery Charges

A conviction on a domestic battery charge in Lake County, IL can be serious, including up to a $2000 fine and up to one year in prison. This can also adversely affect your family life, as you may have problems with visitation after a battery conviction in Waukegan and Lake County. It can also lead to future consequences in other aspects of your life, such as employment and housing. If probation is given as a sentence instead of jail time, you may expect to attend a mandatory batterer's treatment program and donate money to a battered women's shelter. Don't let this happen to you. With a strong domestic battery defense in Lake County, Illinois, you may be able to fight your charges and have your battery offense reduced to probation or dismissed altogether. Doing something about the charges and being proactive about the matter can make the difference between being a convicted domestic abuser in Lake County, IL or looking forward to your future without a mark on your record.

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