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Child visitation, parenting time or custodial time, is the right of access of a noncustodial parent to his or her children is one of the most important rights that can be affected by divorce. If you need help with the arrangements essential to a stable and meaningful relationship with your child in a divorce case, contact The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure in Waukegan / Lake County, Illinois.

Lake County resolves visitation issues according to the child's best interests While Illinois law recognizes the importance of parent-child relationships for both parents and children, when push comes to shove the best interests of the children involved will be most important in determining disputes over visitation or parenting time.

As a Lake County Family Law Attorney, I make sure that your expectations and goals for visitation are founded on this principle. Once you've defined objectives that reflect your child's best interests and the legitimate interests of the other parent, I then go to work to help you achieve your goals. In most cases, the parents can come to a mutually convenient visitation schedule that reflects their own practical needs while giving the child the benefit of both parents' guidance, nurture and love.

Sometimes, however, deep divisions between the parents - whether based on religion or morals, a domestic violence charge in Lake County, IL, or a history of chemical dependency - can lead to sharp disagreements as to visitation conditions or even the fitness of a parent to influence the children.

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When necessary, I work with child development experts to prove your case Charges of parental unfitness in Lake County, IL are taken very seriously by family court judges at the Lake County Illinois Courthouse, whenever substantial evidence appears to support the allegations.

As an experienced Lake County Child Visitation Lawyer, I work with parents on either side of a visitation dispute to make sure that your case is presented clearly and convincingly. If it will advance your case, I use experts to develop informed testimony about the suitability of a proposed visitation schedule in a given situation.

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