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In recent years, Lake County, Illinois Aggraved DUI/DWI laws have become tougher in many significant ways. It is a far greater risk today to face even a "basic" first-offense DWI charge without an experienced Lake County, IL Aggravated DUI attorney. If you have been charged with aggravated DUI/DWI — or felony DUI/DWI — working with an aggressive Lake County, IL DUI defense lawyer may be the only way to avoid extremely serious consequences. At the Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we focus on criminal and traffic defense, including representation of people accused of any level of DUI/DWI. We also handle vehicular assault and vehicular homicide in Lake County, Illinois.

Aggravated DUI/DWI in Lake County, IL - DUI defense lawyers

If you are charged with aggravated DWI in Lake County, the allegation is that you were driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.18 percent or higher — more than twice the legal limit, which is now .08 percent. Though still a misdemeanor, aggravated DWI carries more serious penalties than a 'standard" charge of driving while intoxicated. For a first offense, fines commonly exceed $1,000 and the minimum driver's license suspension is one full year. The law also allows for a jail sentence of up to one year. If you have had any prior DUI convictions in Lake County, IL within the past 10 years, the consequences are dramatically more severe.

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