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As you contemplate divorce in Lake County and get on the emotional roller coaster of deciding whether or not to end your marriage, you should first recognize that divorce doesn't just happen overnight. It builds in steps.

In the early stages, the mere notion of separation begins to develop. You may not think of getting divorced as a serious option, but you know the relationship is off. It may start after an argument surrounding one of you losing your job, or a series of disagreements relating to your parenting skills.

Every relationship has its ups-and-downs, but so long as these thoughts of separation are more the exception rather than the rule, the thought of marital dissolution should be chalked up to nothing more than a bad day.

When the thought of separating from your spouse, living on your own, pondering what it would be like to sleep alone and have limited contact with your spouse becomes more real, then it is time to start educating yourself about divorce planning, hiring a Lake County, Illinois Divorce attorney, the steps to the divorce process, and how issues of child support and alimony work, along with what happens to children associated with divorce in Lake County, IL.

So long as you're still in the learning stages, neither party needs to leave the home, and it may be unwise to tell your spouse or children of your thoughts too early in the process. When your thoughts and feelings about divorce are such that you feel like your mind is playing a game of ping-pong (one day you want out, the other you want to stay), meeting with The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure for a no-obligation consultation would make sense.

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