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Filing for Divorce in Waukegan, Illinois - Lake County Divorce Filing

Before any paperwork can be filed in a divorce case in Lake County, IL, the parties must qualify to get a Lake County, IL divorce. The residency requirement is such that the parties must have lived here for at least one year, or the reason for the breakdown of the marriage happened here. In Lake County, the only way to end a marriage is for one spouse to file a Complaint for Divorce if the matter is contested or, if uncontested, for both parties to file a Joint Petition for Divorce in uncontested matters. Upon filing, the divorce process begins.

Contested or Uncontested Divorce in Lake County, IL

An uncontested divorce in Lake County, Illinois is one in which the parties agree on the terms such as custody, the parenting plan, child support, child visitation, alimony, property division, and issues relating to future insurance needs. A contested divorce in Lake County is one in which the parties don't agree and seek judicial intervention in order to resolve one or more of the terms. In reality, most cases fall into both categories throughout the divorce process. Most cases end-up on the uncontested docket when they are finished. No matter which way you begin the process, along with your initial pleadings you must also file a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Additional Requirements For Divorcing Parents in Lake County and surrounding areas

If there are minor children of the marriage, one affidavit disclosing care and custody and each parent's certificate of attendance from an approved Parent Education Program must also be filed. In Lake County, Illinois, divorcing parents must attend a four-hour divorce class before a divorce is granted. This class emphasizes many important principles which divorcing parents need to learn and apply to their lives, including the important point that it is the parents who are divorcing, not the children.

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