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Most people arrested for DWI in Lake County, IL or another alcohol-related driving charge cooperate with police every step of the way, and sometimes they regret it. When told about the consequences of refusing to take and/or Failing to take a Breathalyzer test in Lake County, Illinois, or other chemical test, most do not see refusing as a real option. While doing so is a violation of the law, it is the best choice under some circumstances. Lake County, IL DUI, DWI, DWLS and DWLR laws and consequences have become so harsh that the priority for many has to be fighting the charge aggressively — a task for a proven Lake County Illinois DUI lawyer who will look at every possible angle of defense.

We have effectively represented many people charged with chemical test refusals in Lake County, Illinois and DWI by refusal, as well as hundreds who took the Breathalyzer or another test that showed them as over the legal limit.

In Lake County, Illinois and surrounding areas, police are more aggressive and prosecutors more zealous than ever when it comes to intoxicated driving. If possible, you should call us for calm, clear guidance before you undergo testing to determine your blood alcohol concentration or detect the presence of drugs. However, you can also rely on us to work rigorously on your behalf if you already: Refused to take the Breathalyzer in Lake County, IL or any other chemical test Took a chemical test at the police station and failed.

Refuing or Failing a Breathalyzer test in Lake County, IL

It is important to realize that, in the eyes of the law, driving in Lake County, Illinois is a privilege and not a legal right. There are serious civil consequences for chemical test refusal and failure in Lake County, including a fine and an automatic driver's license suspension pending your refusal hearing at the DMV. However, please do not assume that what you do going forward will not make a difference.

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