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What is the punishment for drunk driving in Lake County, Illinois?

Drunk-driving convictions in Lake County, IL carry serious penalties that vary some among the states. Although the Lake County Illinois Courthouse may go easier on first-time offenders, even in first-offense DUI cases in Lake County, the possible sentences usually include stiff fines and jail time. If the circumstances warrant it, however, the court may have the discretion to choose less-restrictive options or a combination of options, including probation, diversion programs, community service, alcohol awareness education, abuse counseling, ignition interlock systems, home monitoring, suspension of vehicle registration, vehicle impoundment or in-house alcohol treatment. For subsequent offenses, the likelihood of imprisonment for Felony DUI charges in Lake County, IL and the steepness of fines usually increase and in all cases the loss of driving privileges in Lake County, IL -at least temporarily-is almost guaranteed.

What is the best way to beat a drunk-driving charge in Waukegan Lake County, IL?

The best way to avoid being convicted of drunk driving is to not drink and drive in Lake County, Illinois. Use a designated driver, call a taxi, call a friend or don't drink alcohol if you are going to need to drive within a few hours. For some people, even one drink can impair their driving abilities. However, if you have been charged with driving under the influence in Lake County, Illinois, an experienced Lake County, IL drunk-driving defense lawyer can work to improve the outcome of your case.

How can I get to work if I cannot drive?

Many offenders with drunk-driving charges in Lake County, Illinois are forced to rely on public transportation or rides from friends, family or co-workers for transportation to and from work during periods of license suspension or revocation. In some states, an offender may be granted a hardship license, sometimes called a limited license or probationary license, allowing him or her to drive in limited situations such as to and from work, school or medical appointments. Some states require an alcohol evaluation as part of the limited license application. If an offender with a hardship license in Lake County, IL is caught driving outside of its strict limitations, further penalties may be imposed.

What if I refuse a Breathalyzer test in Lake County, Illinois?

Every state, including Illinois, has its own version of an implied consent law providing that a driver impliedly consents to alcohol testing (in Lake County, IL for instance) just by the act of driving. Refusing to take a breath test in Lake County, IL is itself a criminal violation subject to stiff penalties. For example, refusing a alchohol breath test in Lake County Illinois might result in automatic drivers-license suspension or revocation. If you are ultimately found guilty of a drunk-driving offense in Lake County, IL, there may be additional penalties because of the test refusal, such as a stiffer sentence. Your test refusal may also be used as evidence against you in a drunk-driving case in Lake County and surrounding areas.

What is Blood Alchohol Content Level?

Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) in Lake County, Illinois is the level of alcohol in the bloodstream from drinking alcoholic beverages. BAC readings are used in court as evidence in drunk-driving cases. The most common method of measure is a breath test in Waukegan and Lake County, IL, although blood and/or urine testing is sometimes done. A result of .08 or higher may establish a presumption of intoxication. The details of the .08 BAC presumption laws vary among the states, but all 50 states have adopted .08 as their official intoxication level.

What if I continue to drive after I lose my license in Illinois?

If a person whose license has been revoked in Lake County, IL or suspended due to drunk driving in Lake County, IL, chooses to drive without a valid Illinois license and is pulled over, he or she stands to suffer more serious consequences, including possible fines, imprisonment, forfeiture of his or her vehicle or extension of the license revocation/suspension in Illinois. The more prudent course of action is to rely on friends and family for rides or use public transportation during a license revocation or drivers license suspension in Lake County, Illinois.

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