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Drug Marijuana Cocaine Possession Charges Attorney in Waukegan, Illinois

The "war on drugs" is alive and well in Lake County, IL, as you may have recently discovered first-hand. However your drug arrest happened - from a traffic stop to a controlled buy or sting operation - and whatever substance is involved, it can be critical to find a Lake County Illinois Drug Defense attorney who will look hard at all aspects of the case and work hard in your drug charge defense.

At The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we have the Lake County, IL Drug Defense Attorney experience in criminal law to defend you against either drug possessio in Lake County or drug sale/distribution charges in Waukegan / Lake County, Illinois, involving all controlled substance charges, including:

  1. Marijuana Charges in Lake County, IL
  2. Cocaine Charges in Lake County, IL
  3. Steroid Charges in Lake County, IL
  4. Crack Cocaine Charges in Lake County, IL
  5. Methamphetamine (Meth) Charges in Lake County, IL
  6. Heroin Charges in Lake County, IL
  7. Prescription drugs charges in Lake County such as OxyContin, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Lortab and Xanax
  8. Ecstasy Charges in Lake County, IL and other "club drugs"

Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Lake County, Illinois | Waukegan Drug Defense Attorney

It is not uncommon for people who have drugs in Lake County, such as marijuana or cocaine, for personal use or sharing among friends, to be arrested and charged with intent to deliver or drug trafficking in Lake County, Illinois. A conviction on felony drug charges, in Lake County, Illinois, like these can bring years in prison, huge fines and other extremely harsh consequences.

Many people are shocked at the sentences they can receive for having what they consider a modest amount of marijuana, methamphetamine or of a prescription drug like Vicodin or OxyContin. With penalties so severe and life-changing, it is essential to work with a Lake County Illinois Drug Defense lawyer determined to attack your case by examining and pursuing:

  1. The legality of your traffic stop in Lake County or any potentially illegal search and seizure that led to your arrest
  2. Other law enforcement irregularities or over-steps that may lead to a motion to suppress evidence against you
  3. All opportunities to negotiate reduced consequences such as withheld judgment - and proactive steps we can take to negotiate for leniency if the case against you is strong

Drug Manufacturing Attorney in Lake County, Illinois | Drug Defense Lawyer in Waukegan

Because of the seriousness of drug manufacturing, cultivation and trafficking charges in Lake County, Illinois, you may have little to lose by fighting the charges and going all the way to a jury trial, and I am equipped and ready to do just that. In your drug manufacturing in Waukegan or cultivation case in Lake County, IL, I will investigate and scrutinize every aspect of the investigation and arrest, including:

  1. Any potential issues with how the police or DEA agents gained entry to the premises, such as the lack of a valid search warrant
  2. The use of confidential informants whose credibility and motives can be attacked in the Lake County Illinois Courthouse
  3. Questions about your actual involvement or ownership interest in the methamphetamine lab or marijuana plants the authorities found

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