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Settlement vs. Trial in the Lake County Illinois Courthouse

Not all divorce cases in Lake County, IL are adversarial, and not all settlements come from long and drawn-out court battles. While there are times when it seems next to impossible, you and your spouse should be open to brainstorming. If you seem to be deadlocked, it typically revives the interest in negotiating a divorce case in Lake County, Illinois.

Once Divorce Discovery in Lake County is complete, the parties are usually at a point where they must determine whether they want to attempt to resolve the contested issues between them or take the matter to a Lake County, IL Divorce trial.

In most cases, the parties have already had their Lake County Pretrial Conference. Here, the attorneys explain to the judge what the case is about, clarify areas where the parties can agree, and identify those areas where the parties disagree. The judge will attempt to assist the parties in reaching an agreement.

Remember, the Lake County Illinois Courthouse judges are people too. They wear a robe, they have the power to change our lives and we may not like it.

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When you are involved in matters relating to settlement or going to trial in Lake County, IL, your chief concern is getting your fair share of the marital property and protecting your children. You need an aggressive and experienced Lake County, IL Divorce Attorney. At The Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure, we know how policies and procedures are handled in each Lake County Illinois courtroom, and you can count on the fact that we know how each judge tends to work as well.

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