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When the terms of your divorce in Lake County, IL are unjust or if circumstances have changed, you can modify your divorce decree. If you are having problems with your former spouse or the parent of your child is not following Lake County, IL court orders, you can ask the court to hold him or her in contempt.

Going Back to the Lake County Illinois Courthouse - Divorce Circumstances Can Change

The "change in circumstances" that may warrant a modification often involve significant changes in income, relocation of a parent, neglect or abuse of a child by an unfit parent or other circumstances. At the Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure we have the Lake County Divorce Attorney experience to handle modifications that include:

  1. Lake County, IL Child support and alimony changes: Whatever the reason, you can seek a change in the amount of support that you receive or pay. The court has the power to change support, so if you can't work something out with your spouse, you can always go to court.
  2. Custody changes in Lake County, Illinois: A change in custody is a major parenting plan modification and, generally speaking, must be filed as a separate action. Child custody modifications can occur as a result of an agreement between the parents or as a result of a Lake County Illinois court's determination that a change of custody is warranted. Contested child custody modification actions are among the most difficult in family law. They require the advice and counsel of a skilled and compassionate attorney who may not only be your advocate but an advocate for the best interests of your children.
  3. Parenting plan changes in Lake County, IL: One or both parties may request a modification of the final parenting plan based on changes to the residential schedule, decision making, holiday or special occasion schedules, transportation arrangements or restrictions on the visitation of one of the parents.

At the Law Offices of Jason R. Mercure we have been successful securing and defending against both contempt and modification actions in all Divorce cases. Our post-divorce Waukegan and Lake County, IL Courthouse experience, has helped us prevaile on both sides of the support change argument and successfully litigated child custody and parenting plan modification disputes involving allegations of sexual abuse in Lake County, domestic violence in Lake County, substance abuse in Lake County, alcoholism in Lake County and mental illness in Lake County, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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